Payroll Specialties Inc is proud to partner with E-COMP Insurance. Through this alliance workers’ compensation premiums will be lower. Rates will be accurately calculated each month eliminating huge annual payments due up front. Businesses can now streamline their operations saving them time and resources. E-COMP features include:

  • Discounted rates save you money
  • No deposit required, “pay as you go”
  • 24 – 48 hour turnaround on quotes and binding
  • Premium calculated on actual payroll
  • No huge up front quarterly or annual payments
  • Automatic debit of workers’ compensation premium, no checks to write
  • No audit forms to complete
  • Highly rated, full-service workers’ compensation insurance providers
  • Payroll data electronically sent to E-COMP every payday
  • Accepts experience modifiers up to 1.50
  • New businesses accepted with owner experience
  • Min. premium $500