We’d like to thank all of our customers for the kind words.

“We have been clients for 17 years! They are easy to work with. You have a specialist assigned to you. They are quick in responding and are on top of any issues we need help with. Rhonda is our specialist and she is fantastic. A First Choice Staffing highly recommends Payroll Specialties. They can take a lot off your plate and let you focus on your business.”
Yvonne Sweet – A First Choice Staffing

“I’ve been using Payroll Specialties for more than three years now. They have proven time and time again to be responsive, professional, friendly, accurate, and fun to work with since day one. Everyone there is customer oriented and great to work with. Lastly, it is nice to have a local payroll company to work with. They know my needs and my business. They continue to impress me and have never let me down.”
Greg Wilkoff – Adept Communications Inc.

“Such a great team! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a local payroll service provider. Excellent customer service.”
Jennifer Chisum ~ Rogue’s Lair

“Very knowledgeable and friendly team. I have never had a problem they couldn’t figure out. Been doing business with them for over 10 years, very satisfied.”
Lew Tester ~ Lava Lanes

“Exceptional staff and always have my payroll done on time and perfect!! Quick response time and they make you feel like family! Highly recommend these folks for all your payroll needs!!!!”
Lori Munoz – Littrell White City Mini Storage

“They have great customer service and have always gone above and beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend them for services to any employer big or small.”
Debrah Aust – Father & Son Jewelry

“As a business owner with employees, I would highly recommend them to handle all your payroll needs. Big or small they can handle it. They always go the extra mile for me. Love these folks.”
Robert Galas – Father & Son Jewelry

“Love this group of people. They have saved me a lot of time by taking care of my payroll needs, at a reasonable price. My account manager, Cynthia, has saved me from numerous problems, and is always quick to get back to me. I recommend Payroll Specialties to anyone who is running a business.”
Dr. Glen Winters – Phoenix Animal Hospital

“The crew at Payroll Specialties is fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and able to resolve any payroll or payroll tax issue with one phone call. I have been very happy with them, and recommend them to anyone in need of payroll services.”

Matt Frank – BlackRock Coffee Bar, Franchisee

“My business has used Payroll Specialties for six years and I am so relieved that they take care of all of my needs! They are trustworthy, extremely professional and friendly. Raquel has been my representative for years and is so helpful anytime I need advice. I highly recommend their services!”
Michelle Hicks – Valley Boys Auto Sales, LLC

“We have been working with them for many years. They have always been a pleasure to work with. The few problems that have come up have been minor and they fixed them immediately and pleasantly. They are always there to help us sort out employee issues expediently. We can HIGHLY recommend using Payroll Specialties.”
Fred Wickman – Prospect Historic Hotel

“I have been working with Payroll Specialties almost 10 years.  They have a wonderful friendly staff & are easy to work with.  I love working with the same processor every payroll.  They take pride in processing payrolls proficiently & quickly.  If I need help with something, they are very quick to jump in and find a solution.  I have peace of mind knowing my payroll is in good hands.  I highly recommend Payroll Specialties.  They are the best.  You will not be disappointed.”

Rachel Christopher – Brown’s Machine