HR360 is a critical tool in this world of constantly-changing employment laws, regulations and practices. Whether you are a business owner or HR professional you can put these tools into immediate action to help your business grow and protect it from costly lawsuits and audits. There are many tools available within HR360, but some of the most utilized features are listed below. It features:

  • Easy-to-understand Federal and State laws
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Recruitment & Hiring
  • Discipline & Termination
  • HR Compliance Quick Check
  • Employee Handbook suggestions, training videos and required postings
  • Online HR support center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • HR Training and Compliance Resource Center
  • HR News Alerts
  • A library of downloadable forms and policies
Between HR360 and Payroll Specialties iSolved HCM platform, we have you covered in everything HR! Our system not only streamlines your employee data, provides insight to your workforce, identifies trends and drives performance. It also manages and strengthens your HR with configurable reporting, executive dashboards, and streamlined workflows. The HR functionality also empowers your employees to manage their own information, freeing up time for HR teams to focus on strategy.
  • Track mandated certifications
  • Manage jobs and salaries
  • Track disciplinary actions
  • Manage awards, education and company assets

Smooth out the complex task of managing employee benefits with iSolved. Set up your benefit plans once, driving enrollment and deductions throughout the system. You can also use available carrier connections to communicate all life events and other changes. With iSolved managing employee benefit enrollment is easier than ever. The user-friendly benefits eligibility and enrollment functionality offers a more engaging and intuitive experience, allowing employees to navigate step-by-step through the process. Structure benefit enrollment welcome messages with attached documents for employees to review and acknowledge, schedule email alerts to track enrollment deadlines, and offer a printable summary statement of all benefits selected. Drive employee engagement and usage to improve the way your employees enroll in benefits. It features:

  • Rules-driven approach to earning codes
  • Build shifts and schedules for employees
  • Wide variety of time collection options
  • Powerful user interface simplifies one-touch punching. iSolved is a comprehensive, completely scalable HCM platform for all your mission-critical workforce tasks. Its personalized user experience exceeds expectations and is performance-ready on any device. Customize your iSolved Experience.

With PSI, You Can Customize Your Experience With These Powerful Add-ons

Applicant Management
Improve the way you attract, recruit and bring in talent. Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click, attract
better candidates, reduce time to hire and improve the applicant experience.

Managed Benefit Services
Deliver the benefits your employees want and need, including COBRA, flexible spending accounts, health
savings accounts, parking and transit, health reimbursement arrangements and more — all through a company
with more than 30 years of experience.

Learning Management
Offer the power of a learning management system within your iSolved platform! HR professionals, supervisors,
and team leaders can create and track online training and assign courses and paths, all personalized for your
business and delivered across your entire organization.

Remaining in compliance with the ever-changing tangle of regulations is simplified with iSolved. Features include
ACA reporting tools and production and filing of required forms.

Performance Management
Boost engagement and monitor your top performers with integrated 360 performance reviews, nine box, goal
tracking and powerful reporting tools that are customizable to each individual.

Dashboards & Analytics
Put the power of workforce insights in the hands of your team members. It’s easy to build reports that provide
relevant data to specific departments or functions to simplify data management. Reduce hours spent preparing
reports and make the most important reports available for review in minutes.

Collaboration & Engagement
Energize your company culture and connect to your teams through a personalized dashboard, lively feed wall
and tools for idea and knowledge sharing.